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Clean, Steven Pinker

“Nature is a hanging judge,” goes an old saying. Many tragedies come from our physical and cognitive makeup. Our bodies are extraordinarily improbable arrangements of matter, with many ways for things to go wrong and only a few ways for things to go right. We are certain to die, and smart enough to know it. Our minds are adapted to a world that no longer exists, prone to misunderstandings correctable only by arduous education, and condemned to perplexity about the deepest questions we can ascertain.” - Steven Pinker, The Blank Slate: The Modern Denial Of Human Nature

A. Clean 3RM + 2x3x90%

B. 3-5 Unbroken Sets For Load:
10x Good Morning
10x Back Squat
10x Push Press
10x Hang Power Clean
Rest 3:00-5:00

Strength Alternative:
B. Ring Dip 5x5
C. Pulling Prog 5xN

10 Principles for Better Training

Extreme Exercise and the Heart

Skill, Adam Smith

“The man who indulges us in this natural passion, who invites us into his heart, who, as it were, sets open the gates of his breast to us, seems to exercise a species of hospitality more delightful than any other. No man, who is in ordinary good temper, can fail of pleasing, if he has the courage to utter his real sentiments as he feels them, and because he feels them.” - Adam Smith, The Theory Of Moral Sentiments

A. Handstand Progression

B. Wind Mill 5x5/5

C1. Chin Holds (Or Pulling Progression)

C2. Hollow Body Progression

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