Feral CrossFit

James Madison

“The advancement and diffusion of knowledge is the only guardian of true liberty.” - James Madison

A. Deadlift 1x5 + 2x3x90%

B. 5 Sets, for quality of motion:

10x Pushups (no, they don’t count if your chest doesn’t touch the ground)

10x Pullups

1/2 Lap Lizard Crawl

0:30 Bent Hollow Hold

Rest 1:00 in Squat

Strength Alternative:

B. Bench Press 3x5 across, +2-5#

C. Pulling Progression 5xN

High Rep Olympic Weightlifting

The 45-Minute Testosterone Myth

Skill, John Adams

“Everything in life should be done with reflection.” - John Adams

Next week is the beginning of a new Elements cycle! If you’ve been sitting on the fence, now is as good a time as any to get started. Drop in or email us asap to reserve a space.

Noah, doing some weighted reading.

A. Handstand Progression

B. TGU 10/10

C1. Sots Press 3x5

C2. Duck Walk

Bodybuilder Goes CrossFit

Gym Workouts and Sunbathing Do More For Your Brain Than Crosswords and Mozart

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